Grüne Tinte - Die Marke für Ökotinte

Advantages & benefits

To break through old and outdated structures and create room for new, safe and environmentally friendly products is the target of our GrüneTinte® products.

Ethanol beats MEK

Our naturally denatured ethanol inks convince with a good adhesion on the substrate and pleasant odour. The days of the strong smell of keton are over. Your employees will be grateful.

By cleverly selecting and formulating the ingredients we were able to reduce the ink and solvent consumption compared to traditional keton inks. For this the environment and your wallet will be grateful.

What does nature have in store

Flora is a treasure trove of raw materials for ink production, coatings and many other products. We already use

  • Tensides
  • Additives for improved adhesion
  • Plant esters
  • Natural resins
  • Additives for improved dispersion

made from natural materials for the development and productions of our products.

And that's not everything…

…we work together with top-class experts in the field of Natural Chemistry to

  • gain new dyes and pigments from renewable raw materials for special applications, for example fluorescence,
  • see plants as carriers for dyes and active components,
  • Research into new colour-giving systems.