Grüne Tinte - Die Marke für Ökotinte

What makes our ink green?


Many things we need on a daily basis are printed with production numbers, best before dates or other information directly after manufacture. Not much attention is paid to this apparently unassuming small print regarding the potential pollution from an ecological and toxicological aspect. And this even though huge amounts of these inks are daily manufactured, transported and finally printed on products and packaging. So we took a closer look…

…und decided to make a difference to the current situation.


Using Mother Nature as a template inks should be developed and manufactured from predominantly renewable resources. Inks should not become "greener" by simply substituting the solvents but by using a holistic concept which challenges the use of all conventional groups of ingredients. Certain materials, especially those which are used in small amounts and therefore possibly don't have to comply with compulsory labelling, should be scrutinised.


The starting point of our new ink formulations is manufacturing and use of suitable pigment preparations. With skilful manufacturing techniques, e.g. intelligent milling, we achieve the production of stable suspensions with consistently high quality. The selection of further ingredients is determined by the exact application of the ink. All ingredients selected undergo an internal evaluation regarding their impact on people and the environment and when possible are substituted with natural materials.

Besides mostly naturally denatured bio-ethanol or water our GrüneTinte® consists of plant esters, black pigments and other natural ingredients.


From the development project emerged a complete "ink model kit" from renewable resources. Available under the brand GrüneTinte® are safe inks, semi-finished materials and pigment preparations for industrial application. We are developing (ourselves) further.

As well as the consistant use of natural materials and continual development of available products and applications we are certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2009.