Grüne Tinte - Die Marke für Ökotinte

One step ahead

During the development of our special inks we often wondered if it was compulsory for inks to have certain and in part critical ingredients. We did some research and asked and received seemingly definite answers:

"We have always done it this way."
"We have to produce it cheaply."
"Nobody is interested in such a small print anyway."
"Generally you can't achieve strong colour strengths and constant qualities with natural materials.

And extremely blinkered manufacturers even asked for studies, which would exclude renewable resources for inks. This more than ever piqued our curiosity. We experimented, tested and finally found a process to make the versatile inks environmentally friendly and safe. This is especially good for all people who manufacture or transport, print and use inks for marking on a daily basis. Our developments were sponsored by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU).


One small step for printing,

…one giant leap for safety and the environment!

We were impressed by the amazing possibilities of alternative raw materials so we put the ink chemical system to the test and scrutinised all ingredients.

The results are impressive:

Under the GrüneTinte® brand many products and preparations for industrial inkjet applications have been developed from renewable resources.